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Super Gadding


Sh. Ch. Tapeatom Gadding Around at Sandylands

Sh. Ch. Sandylands Gad-about

Ch. Sandylands My Guy

Sh. Ch. Sandylands Bliss

 Tapeatom Lucky Locket

Lapema's Leo of Sandylands

Tapeatom Busy Lizzy

It. Ch. Lenches Serenade

Rocheby Old Smokey

Rocheby Navy Blue

Sh. Ch. Rocheby Polkadot

Lenches Miss Milly

Sh. Ch.  Poolstead  Pumpkin

Sh. Ch.  Lenches Miss Molly

Lembas Santa Lucia

Multi Ch. Unsung Hero of  Tintagel Winds

Lembas To The Moon And Back J.W.

Sh. Ch. Sandylands Gad-about

Lembas Mysterious Girl

Multi-Ch. & Trialer Poole's Memory of Tintagel Winds

Multi-Dual Ch. Carromer's Charlie Chalk

Trialer Lasting Memory of Tintagel Winds

Lembas Wish Upon a Star
2  Ris. CC (England)

Sh.Ch. Lembas Lets Get Serious J.W.

Sh. Ch. Sandylands Gad-about

Jugaren Moonlight Melody at Lembas

Sh.Ch. Lembas Moonlight Serenade J.W.

Lembas To The Moon And Back J.W.

Lembas Button Moon